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Outlaws, Whores & History Tour


Step into the untamed world of historic Salida with our exclusive small-group walking tour. Immerse yourself in the gritty past, unravel the secrets of our unruly society, and uncover architectural marvels alongside our knowledgeable guide. Prepare to be enthralled by captivating narratives that bring Salida's thrilling and at times ruthless history to life.

Discover the fascinating story behind Salida's unique pronunciation, Sah-LIE-Dah, not Sah-LEE-Dah. Uncover the intriguing transformation from the original name, South Arkansas, to the Salida we know today. Brace yourself for tales of knife fights, brutal beatings, and the chilling murder of a local Marshal that shaped the city's character.

Indulge your curiosity in the vibrant world of the bawdy brothel district. Wander through the very spots where horrific crimes unfolded and where resilient working women once thrived. Experience firsthand the living remnants of a bygone era that still echo throughout Salida's streets.

Join us for an unforgettable journey into the captivating Salida of yesteryear, as chronicled in the acclaimed Salida Sam historical book series and the biographical Salida Walking Tours by esteemed local historian, Steven T. Chapman. Book your spot today and let history come alive beneath your feet.

"...lively, never was there a lull in the tour, nor was there a single moment less than entertaining and informative...stories of the struggles and scandals are brought to life all in the beautiful historical district of one of the most hip and upcoming little mountain towns in Colorado."
~Mare Schmidt



Embark on an enchanting journey through Salida's captivating past with our costumed guides, leading an intimate and exclusive small-group walking tour. Prepare to be instantly transported into the remarkable and often turbulent wild west era that shaped this vibrant city. Brace yourself for the astonishment shared by both visitors and residents as we unveil the hidden secrets of Colorado's largest National Historic District.

Unearth the intriguing reasons behind the intentional forgetting of Salida's history, a tale that will leave you pondering the depths of human nature. Be moved by the heartwarming account of Salida's most beloved dog, an endearing story that embodies the spirit of this extraordinary community.

Witness the exact locations where devastating fires ravaged the city in 1886 and 1888, as our knowledgeable guides recount the harrowing tales of survival and resilience that emerged from the ashes. Delight in uncovering a locals-only joke cleverly concealed in plain sight, a whimsical treasure that will bring a smile to your face.

Immerse yourself in the presence of 136 meticulously preserved buildings dating back to the golden era of 1883-1910. Each structure holds a unique story waiting to be unveiled, inviting you to step back in time and experience the rich heritage that permeates every street corner.

Don't miss your chance to be captivated by Salida's enthralling past, brought to life by our passionate guides. Join us on this unforgettable walking tour and become part of the living tapestry that is Salida's history. Secure your spot today and embark on an extraordinary adventure that will leave you with cherished memories.

"A MUST WHEN VISITING! Our guide was knowledgeable and interesting...a plethora of knowledge, not just of the buildings and history, also of the local businesses and owners..."
~Aaron Casteel


Enjoy a personalized adventure through the captivating streets of historic Salida, guided by our knowledgeable experts. Let us transport you back to the early days of this remarkable town, where every step reveals enthralling tales of the Wild West. Brace yourself for astonishing true stories that delve into the intriguing world of brothels, saloons, dance halls, gambling, and riveting shoot-outs.

Discover the illuminating moment when electricity arrived in Salida in 1887, forever changing the landscape of the town and ushering in a new era of innovation. Hear captivating accounts of famous figures, including the legendary Doc Holliday, who graced our streets with their presence, leaving an indelible mark on Salida's history.

Prepare yourself for an immersive experience as you listen to graphic details of the town's deadliest shootout, a chilling testament to the fierce and lawless nature of the Wild West. Marvel at the grandeur of the historic Salida Opera House, a true gem that stands as a testament to the town's rich cultural heritage.

Delve into the tragic story of our most famous marshal, whose life was abruptly cut short by a heinous act in 1883. Uncover the mysteries surrounding this gripping event and gain a deeper understanding of the impact it had on the fabric of Salida's community.

Don't miss your chance to be transported to the Wild West era of Salida and immerse yourself in its extraordinary history. Join our small-group tour today and let the stories of the past come alive before your eyes. Secure your spot and prepare for an unforgettable journey through the heart of Salida's captivating past.


"This is easily one of the best and most informative tours I have enjoyed...knows the history of Salida and brings it to life at every stop. I highly recommend this tour to anyone seeking to understand the area and the development of not just Salida but how the town represents the history of this great state."
~Gregg Kunz



May 15 - September 1

PG-13 tour, covering murders, ghosts, and adult topics. Not recommended for sensitive younger children.  The tour route covers about 12 blocks and is usually held regardless of weather conditions, Please dress appropriately.


5:30 PM

~ $32

90 minutes


September 1 - December 31

No public tours held January 1 - March 1

March 1 - May 15

* Private tours are available November - March. Click here for details.


4:30 PM

~ $32

90 minutes



We had out of town guests. The tour was a great outing, and a fun way to give them a little taste of Salida.


A great tour, interesting stories and history, visual connections to history, and a fun guide.
Highly recommend doing this!!


It was FAB and even tho I thought I knew a LOT about Salida, I learned SO much more. AND it was fun fun fun!

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