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Great tour with an amazing host. The guide's charisma, knowledge, and dad jokes made for an extremely fun, informative time. I didn’t know a walking tour could be so fun!


Had a great time! A ton of fun on the Salida Walking Tour. Very interesting and entertaining!
Highly recommended.


What an amazing experience! We did the Ghost & Murder Tour and it was extremely fun and left grizzly spooks in our souls. We had a highly knowledgeable and exceptional tour guide. We look forward to the town history one next. I strongly recommend taking a tour.


Our guide was dynamic, hilarious, and brimming with knowledge about the area. The tour was an absolute blast. I highly recommend it for everyone, even long-time residents! I will be going again.


It was FAB and even tho I thought I knew a LOT about Salida, I learned SO much more. AND if was fun fun fun


My daughter and I did the Ghost & Murder Tour. We had a ton of fun. Our guide did a great job telling the stories and I learned fun stuff about Salida.


My friend and I thoroughly enjoyed our tour of Salida! The guide was knowledgeable, articulate, and entertaining. The pace was comfortable, and wore  a mic so there was no problem hearing him speak. I’m sure I would enjoy his other tours, too.


We had out of town guests. The  Ghost & Murder Tour was a great outing, and a fun way to give them a little taste of Salida.


A great tour, interesting stories and history, visual connections to history, and a fun guide.
Highly recommend doing this!!


We had an amazing tour guide, extremely knowledgeable, did the Ghost & Murder Tour. Next time we are down there going to do the Wild West History Tour!


Very interesting! A great way to learn about a mountain town! So many relevant/historic stories that paint such a picture of the Wild West. I highly recommend it. Thanks again for accomodating us with our specific needs. I've suggested the tour to a number of people who are sure to come your way soon! 🙂


This was a fun time for both my husband and I. We learned a lot from our guide who has obviously spent a lot of time researching and learning about Salida. He kept our attention and we got to laugh a lot too. We highly recommend the tour and plan to take another one with members of our family.


We had a great tour guide with a wealth of information. I learned many facts about Salida's history and now look at the beautiful old buildings and think about the people who lived there many years ago. I highly recommend Salida Walking Tours to locals and visitors alike


We took the Ghost & Murder Tour with 18 friends and had a great time. We had a great tour guide with lots of interesting facts about Salida form the past and the current day. It was lots of fun walking around the town at night hearing scary ghosts stories.


Points out very interesting historical landmarks, accompanied by fascinating stories that make up that history. Our host was very friendly and attentive to questions. Truly enjoyed our tour, and I learned a lot!


My mom and I took the Ghost & Murder Tour.  Our guide was so knowledgeable about the town, stories, history, etc. He also gives GREAT recommendations about local sights to see and restaurants, things to do in the area.
This tour was such a cool way of getting to know the town in a different way! We will most definitely be back for another one of your tours!


Excellent tour. I highly recommend it.


Really enjoyed learning about Salida's beginnings, and how the town progressed over the years. Our guide pointed out many historical signs and architecture that we would have missed, even though we live here. We are planning on doing one of the other tours very soon! Thanks so much.


We had a great time on our Wild West History Tour. I’d go again just to absorb more because it’s really a ton of interesting information about the founders of Salida.


The Ghost & Murder Tour was awesome!


Before the tour, Salida was cool. After the tour, Salida was a fascinating new friend. The more you know, the more interesting she is.


Our guide was a great storyteller, made even more entertaining by switching into character’s voices once in a while. He has a passion for storytelling AND for the town, considering the amount of research and legwork in verifying the facts. It helped to know the city at the beginning of our visit, too! We highly recommend this tour.


Besides the really interesting stories about the paranormal side of Salida, the guide provided an amazing insight into the fascinating history of Salida. He delivered in a way that told you his interest was genuine and his expertise was well-founded. It was a captivating hour that went much too fast. make it yours.


Our guide was very knowledgeable on the paranormal history (and just the history) of Salida and has had personal experiences in spots on the tour. As a scientist, I'm a natural skeptic but am open minded to the paranormal. I appreciated that he presented the information from a similar view point and not in an Ancient Aliens, "It's aliens!" kind of way. We had just suffered through 10 hours of travel from NYC to Salida that day and were wrecked and considered cancelling. We're so happy we didn't, as the tour was one of our favorite parts of the trip.


The architecture history and whimsical stories such as the brick with Salida spelled backward. I would like to go on another tour in the future.


My husband and I have lived in Salida for years and Steve showed us a side of Salida we never knew! Great tour and I'm looking forward to one of his other tours.


Having just moved to Salida we thought this tour would be an interesting way to make sense of all the beautiful downtown buildings. This tour was perfect for learning the basics of Salida history and noting the details of architectural interest.


I took a group of local high school students on the tour and they were amazed to see and learn things about their town that they had not seen or heard before. They said several times, "I have never noticed that before."  I had a group of 18 teenagers and the guide did a great job engaging them and working with them. I can't wait to go back and bring my husband and in-laws.


The Salida historical district tour is so much fun - even though I went on the coldest day in a year I totally enjoyed it! We had a fantastic guide, pointing out the many historic buildings with ghost images of the business name and original product advertising still visible. His knowledge of Salida's colorful history and characters was impressive as he told true stories, emphasized with some acting and sound effects! A very worthwhile tour that made Salida history come alive for me!


I have lived here for nearly 20 years, but there is so much that I just don't notice: details of buildings, details of the ghost signs, and more. Our tour guide was able to connect it all into a meaningful history, telling lots of interesting and entertaining stories along the way. I learned a lot, and highly recommend this tour to visitors and town citizens alike!


We had a tour of local Salidans join the 2-Hour Wild West History Tour of our own town and I can't believe how much we learned! The architectural history of Salida, an overview of the RR role in the town, major historical players.. it was so awesome. It's one thing to walk around downtown Salida and enjoy the shops and restaurants. It's a whole other experience to really dig deep into the history that makes our town so incredible. Thank you for doing such a great job! A real treat for tourists and locals alike.


Fun, informative, stuff I didn't know.  The guide tells great stories, easy walk downtown. Highly recommended.


Would highly recommend this tour. It was very informative and fun! A unique glimpse into the history of Salida!


Our guide made a unique experience out of a walking tour! I loved the knowledge he brought to the table, and I appreciated his personality and humor. Would do again!


We had a wonderful guide! We were thoroughly freaked out by the end of the tour which is exactly what we were hoping for. We love a good ghost story and the guide had a plethora of them plus historical context to enhance the experience.


A great storyteller made even more entertaining by switching into character’s voices once in awhile. The guide has a passion for storytelling AND for the town, considering the amount of research and legwork in verifying the facts. It helped to know the city at the beginning of our visit, too! We highly recommend this tour.

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