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The saga of Marshal Baxter Stingley (1845-1883) involves a fearless, no-nonsense, dedicated public servant who died in the line of duty. Stingley removed crime from the boomtown of Salida and did not tolerate the wild and violent behaviors typical in frontier villages. But he also had a dark side, turning a blind eye to the crimes of friends and family and using his badge to intimidate adversaries.


Stingley created enemies of tough, determined men willing to do anything to protect their empires, including murder. After the lynching of a close friend, Stingley swears revenge, starting a series of events that culminated in a shocking crime that angered the nation.


For the first time, the complete life and bloody times of Benjamin R. Baxter Stingley is investigated with rarely seen photographs, legal documents, and articles. The conclusion? Powerful rivals had the Marshal murdered before covering their tracks and protecting the killer from capture and prosecution.

MURDER! The Criminal Conspiracy & Coverup Behind the Slaying

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