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Volume 2 of the ‘Salida Sam’ historical book series continues the tale, which started in 1880. This edition focuses almost exclusively on happenings inside the city limits of Salida, Colorado, in the years 1882 and 1883.


No longer a tiny village, Salida has now boomed to a population of 3,000. There are over 100 businesses, 18 saloons, sophisticated gangs, high-stakes gambling, and madams running brothels.  


Violence continues as the outlaw element fights against civilization and new laws designed to reign in their power. 1883 became one of Salida’s bloodiest years.


Although shared through the journal of a fictional character, ‘Salida Sam’ Hayes, the stories are 100% true. The narrator speaks with the rough-hewn voice of his era—a harsh, racist, and sexist time.


Follow the ongoing story of Salida as the burgeoning community deals with a housing shortage, East Coast corporations intent on taking over, nearly unimaginable growth, and an aggressive criminal element. 

Vol 2. Dead Bodies and Brothels

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