Expanded Salida History Tour


This is for hardcore history buffs who want to know as much as possible about Salida--the fascinating stories, the bawdy brothel district, the shootouts, architecture, culture, and facts. Lots of information, photographs, and sights are crammed into a slow-walking exploration.

Details for this tour are based on the best-selling books,

The Salida Sam Historical Book Series, written by local historian, Steven T. Chapman. 

  • 3 hours jam-packed with remarkable stories and facts

  • Pre-1900s Salida was as wild as any pioneer town with outlaws, murders, working girls, gambling, and drinking

  • Transport into the past as your guide shares countless tidbits of forgotten history, including architectural wonders, early technology, and hidden secrets from our colorful pioneer days

"...knowledge of the town and the area is truly impressive --- and of its TRUE history vs. its colorful folklore! Highly recommend this tour to anyone who loves history and how stories evolve, or to people who like to learn more about an area they are visiting, or are just "wondering what to do" while there. ...definitely knows how to tell a good story, and is very personable and entertaining..." ~Path Heath



This intimate-sized tour covers 1880-1910 and is for those who enjoy getting every ounce of flavor out of a new town. While you've probably never heard of wild west Salida, the fact is this was one of the most violent, and forward-thinking, settlements on the frontier. 

  • Learn about aggressive business owners who brought electricity here in 1887

  • Hear about the fight to have this tiny town serve as the State Capitol of Colorado

  • You'll walk away knowing Salida better than long-time locals

  • Questions? This tour is designed to be interactive--ask away!

"I booked the history tour for myself and my sisters when they were in town, and the guide was fantastic—engaging storytelling brought the people and places of Salida’s early days to life. My sisters enjoyed it, and as a local, I learned all kinds of interesting tidbits about town too!" ~Melanie McCabe


This tour comes directly from the words of Salida Walking Tours founder, Steve Chapman. He authors the Salida Sam historical book series, the best-selling books in Chaffee County, Colorado.


Each volume explores two years in local history--jammed with details, maps, and original photographs. Few people know the history of the downtown area better than our team of guides. 

Steve won the 2019 Colorado Broadcasters Association award for the Best Regularly Schedule Program in the State--A Salida Moment in History.


"We had a wonderful time on the tour! Very entertaining and informative! The guide was very interactive with all on the tour. I have visited Salida my whole life. Parents and grandparents were born and raised here. I learned quite a bit about it that I never knew!! I would highly recommend this tour! Will do it again next time we're in Salida." ~Carol FIshback



Tours are held regardless of the weather. Please wear appropriate attire. The tour route goes about 16 blocks.

Hats, water, and cameras are highly recommended.

9 AM

Thursday, Friday,

Saturday, & Sunday

~ $75

3 hours



We had out of town guests. The tour was a great outing, and a fun way to give them a little taste of Salida.


A great tour, interesting stories and history, visual connections to history, and a fun guide.
Highly recommend doing this!!


It was FAB and even tho I thought I knew a LOT about Salida, I learned SO much more. AND it was fun fun fun!