A Guest Had a Ghost Encounter After Tour!

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

We can't promise you'll have this experience, but here is a review we just received from a guest at last night's Ghost & Murder Tour.

The tour itself was an overall great experience. Steve was extremely friendly, funny, and knowledgeable. I’ve been on multiple ghost tours throughout Arizona and I would have to put this one at the top.

**Disclaimer: what I’m about to say has nothing to do with the quality of the company itself, I would recommend Salida Walking tours to anyone interested.

I don’t usually write reviews but Salida is no joke... I was pretty skeptical about the stories until something followed my boyfriend and I back to our hotel room after the tour and a late-night visit to a bar called Currents. As soon as we entered that bar my boyfriend turned into a completely different person. He was acting angry and completely out of character all night until 3 in the morning when the events started. All night I kept smelling an extremely foul odor and cold spots that would come and go. Not long after I saw a shadowy mist walking in front of our bed and immediately after my boyfriend saw a figure in the window. We quickly got dressed and went and sat in the lobby where my hair was played with by something unknown and we felt like we were being watched. We just felt an overall feeling of dread. After feeling like I couldn’t take it anymore we went to the car where my boyfriend saw what he described as a man with horns sitting in our backseat. He told him to get out and said figure stood outside our car and watched us and followed us for a few miles down the road as we tried to leave town... this morning when we finally had the guts to return to our hotel room we found scratches on his back. Can’t say I’ll be returning to Salida for a little while after that scare. If that’s what you’re looking for I highly recommend paying a visit but I will say, Salida is not for the faint of heart!!