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Can we ask a favor? Please take a moment and post a 5-star review.

Online testimonials are the lifeblood of this business. Please help us remain healthy by taking a minute to throw up 5 stars.


5-star reviews are one reason Steve's Original Salida Walking Tours is the #1 rated walking tour company in Colorado!

A note about reviews: Some people don't ever post 5-star reviews. Fair enough. But anything less than a 5-star review hurts us no matter how nicely it is worded. You see, most people only read 3-4 reviews before making a purchasing decision. What they look at is the overall score.


To date, Steve's Original Salida Walking Tours has nearly 1,000 5-star reviews. Please help keep our great track record solid by posting a 5-star review. Until next time!



Casey, DJ, Quinn, Will & Steve - Steve's Original Salida Walking Tours

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