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Cleora Cemetery Tour


Discover the captivating history of Cleora Cemetery, a genuine boot hill cemetery that has earned its place on the prestigious National Register of Historic Places. In the first decade of Salida's existence, a designated cemetery was nonexistent, leading residents to lay their loved ones to rest in this serene and stunning location. Prepare to be enthralled by the remarkable stories that lie beneath the surface of each grave.

Uncover the mysterious disappearance of Marshal Stingley's gravesite, a puzzling tale that adds an air of intrigue to the cemetery's history. Brace yourself as you hear the chilling account of the local serial killer, Dr. John Nonamaker, whose grisly actions shocked the community and left an indelible mark on the area.

Explore the origins of the Lake County War, a significant event that unfolded in close proximity to the cemetery, ultimately leading to the first burial on these hallowed grounds. Delve into the intriguing concept of a boot hill cemetery, learning about its unique characteristics and significance in the Wild West.

Immerse yourself in a journey through over 40 historic graves, each one representing the final resting place of pioneers whose stories resonate with the spirit of Salida's past. Prepare to be captivated by the tales of courage, resilience, and adventure that echo through the ages.

Join us on this extraordinary walking tour, where the echoes of history intertwine with the serene beauty of Cleora Cemetery. Book your spot today and let the fascinating stories of the pioneers who rest here come alive through our engaging and informative narratives.



Immerse yourself in an exclusive and captivating walking tour, offered only once each year or as a private experience, to preserve the historical integrity of this remarkable area. Limited space ensures an intimate and immersive journey through time.

Witness the extraordinary sight of rare wooden markers and sandstone monuments that dot the landscape, testaments to the bygone era of Salida's history. Take note of the remarkable number of historic graves that have stood the test of time, bearing witness to the rich tapestry of lives that shaped this community.

Prepare to be entranced as the voices of the past whisper their secrets to your knowledgeable guide, sharing tales of love, loss, and resilience that reverberate through the ages. Marvel at the intricate 19th-century symbology used to commemorate and honor loved ones, each symbol carrying its own hidden meanings and stories.

Gaze upon 21 well-preserved grave enclosures, standing as poignant reminders of the passage of over 140 years, with intact tombstones that bear witness to the fascinating narratives that lie beneath the surface. Each tombstone holds a tale waiting to be discovered, inviting you to unravel the stories of those who have long since passed.

Join us on this extraordinary and limited opportunity to explore the hidden treasures of this historic area. Secure your place today and let the whispers of history guide you on a journey of discovery.



PG-13 tour, covering murders, ghosts, and adult topics.  The tour goes over rough, unstable ground. The area is full of loose rock, moderately steep hills, and cacti. There is no wheelchair access and this tour is not suitable for children under the age of 10 or those who have difficulty walking or maintaining balance.

11:00 AM


90 minutes




My daughter and I did the Ghost & Murder Tour. We had a ton of fun. 


We did the Ghost & Murder Tour and our guide was extremely knowledgeable and well-spoken. He kept us laughing the entire time and had a lot of cool information on the local history of the town!


The tour guide was fun, outgoing, funny and knowledgeable. What made it more interesting was that he made sure he could answer all of your questions and had more information to add. He made sure everyone was enjoying the tour and of course we did !

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