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Buena Vista Walking Tours


Buena Vista has a bloody history. Dare to walk the haunted streets of our past with your knowledgeable guide on this spine-chilling tour. Hear the chilling accounts of haunting spirits that frequent an old mortuary, their ethereal presence leaving an indelible mark on the location's history. Our tour has been rated 5 stars on every travel platform, leaving guests creeped out and thoroughly entertained.

Let your guide take you through dark streets, pointing out the infamous red-light district and the exact locations of murders and restless spirits. Experience our most popular tour, which has received rave reviews from guests around the world, earning it a consistent 5-star rating on every travel platform.

During this 90-minute tour, you will delve into the depths of 19 riveting stories carefully curated to send shivers down your spine. Here's a glimpse of what you can expect:

  • Hear the gruesome tale of Buena Vista's ​only legal hanging, a chilling reminder of the town's dark past.

  • Listen to bloody tales of local murders, uncovering the mysteries and secrets that still haunt the streets.

  • Visit sites of current ghost hauntings, where you may feel the presence of spirits from beyond.

  • Walk the location of a horrific hanging, witnessing firsthand the lingering energy and ghostly apparitions.

  • Return to the bloody past and relive rough-and-tumble days, immersing yourself in the stories of Buena Vista's history.

  • Learn of Buena Vista's rowdy red-light district, where scandal and intrigue once reigned supreme.

Join us on this bone-chilling tour as we unravel the haunting history of Buena Vista. Our knowledgeable guides, dressed in hauntingly authentic costumes, will ensure you have an experience you won't soon forget. Book your tour now and prepare to be captivated by the chilling tales that await you. Remember, the spirits of the past may be closer than you think.



Step into the untamed world of historic Buena Vista with our exclusive small-group walking tour. Immerse yourself in the gritty past, unravel the secrets of our unruly society, and uncover architectural marvels alongside our knowledgeable guide. Prepare to be enthralled by captivating narratives that bring Buena Vista's thrilling and at times ruthless history to life.

History nerds love Buena Vista, and our fascinating history rivals any wild west town. On this 5-star rated tour, you will relive deadly shootouts, visit the bawdy red-light district, and learn about devastating fires that leveled the town. Our guides provide engaging storytelling and historic photographs from the 1880s that you won't soon forget. Costumed guides lead this intimate, small-group walking tour, allowing you to truly immerse yourself in the historical ambiance of Buena Vista.

Be entranced by fascinating tales of Buena Vista's remarkable history. Visitors and residents alike are amazed to learn the many hidden secrets of this cool little mountain town. Join us as we take you on a journey through time, uncovering the captivating stories that shaped Buena Vista's character.

During this tour, you will experience:


  • Learn why the town name is pronounced so unusually (Bewna, not Buena), discovering the intriguing history behind the pronunciation.

  • See the original jailhouse which housed notorious outlaws, offering a glimpse into the lawless past of Buena Vista.

  • Uncover interesting details of Victorian-era structures, marveling at the architectural beauty and the stories they hold.

  • Visit the location of the brothel of Cock-Eyed Liz, our most famous madam, immersing yourself in the world of the bawdy brothel district.

  • Relive the infamous shootouts that made newspapers around the nation, feeling the echoes of those dramatic events.

Join us on this intimate, small-group walking tour as we bring Buena Vista's history to life. Our knowledgeable guides will ensure you have a memorable and enlightening experience, sharing the hidden stories and secrets that make our town truly unique. Book your tour now and embark on a captivating journey through the wild and captivating history of Buena Vista.

September Only 

PG-13 tour, covering murders, ghosts, and adult topics. Not recommended for sensitive younger children. The tour route covers about 12 blocks and is usually held regardless of weather conditions, Please dress appropriately.

Saturdays Only in September

Ghost & Murder Tour

7:30 PM


90 minutes

Wild West History Tour

5:00 PM


90 minutes



Fun, informative tour! The guide appears in costume... A little longer than an hour, it's just the right amount of time between dinner and a nightcap. Beautiful scenery and a nice walk. Bring your out of town friends and show off.


We had a group from Heart of the Rockies Radio go on a SalidaWalking Tour. It was both fun and informative...I would definitely recommend it for tourists, new residents and even long term residents who would learn a lot of history regarding Salida that they probably are not aware of.


We enjoyed our tour so much that we booked a second one. As locals, we learned so much about our fabulous hometown and happy to see our visitors doing the same. Thank you for providing everyone a professional and entertaining evening.

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