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Meet The Team


Steve Chapman

Uncover the hidden gems of Salida alongside Steve, a multifaceted expert in history, writing, and entrepreneurship. As your knowledgeable guide, Steve brings his passion for the past to life, leading captivating walking tours that will leave you enthralled.

Beyond his role as a tour guide, Steve is a renowned author, penning the acclaimed 'Salida Sam' historical book series and the Salida Walking Tours biographical series. His dedication to preserving and sharing the city's rich history extends further as the producer of the award-winning radio program, 'A Salida Moment in History.' His commitment to heritage is also evident through his involvement on the esteemed Salida Historic Preservation Commission.

When Steve isn't immersed in unraveling fascinating historical narratives, you'll find him exploring the majestic mountains alongside Gina, his trusty 2005 Jeep Wrangler, and Rez, his spirited 2018 Red Heeler/Basenji mix.

Join Steve on an unforgettable journey through Salida's past, guided by his expertise and infectious enthusiasm. Book your tour today and discover the remarkable stories that shape our vibrant town.


DJ DeJong

Step into the rich tapestry of Chaffee County's history alongside the vibrant D.J., a former Denver teacher turned passionate local storyteller.


After dedicating 25 years to education, D.J. chose to make Chaffee County her home upon retirement. Her roots in the area run deep, with her family having built a cherished cabin here back in 1968. Currently, she resides in Buena Vista and contributes her talents as a reporter for The Mountain Mail in Salida.

With an innate love for the region, D.J. finds joy in sharing the captivating history and cherished stories she grew up with. Brace yourself for a blend of enthralling tales and spine-tingling accounts of old Buena Vista, as she delves into the mysterious and sometimes eerie aspects of the area's past.

Join D.J. on an unforgettable walking tour, where her passion and intimate knowledge of the region shine through. Book your spot today and embark on a journey filled with history, nostalgia, and a dash of chilling tales that will leave you captivated.

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